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Frenchic was started in the United Kingdom 5 years ago and took Europe by storm.  In a short period of time it is now available for world wide distribution.  The paint is new to the United States and I'm happy to say that Bakers Mercantile is the premier stockiest in southwest Missouri. 

Why did I choose to carry Frenchic? 

I've tried many types of paint when redoing furniture pieces and updating home décor items.  With each type of paint I used, their always seemed to be something that wasn't just right for me as a project artist.  Either the paint didn't stick, took too much preparation, it took forever to dry, had, took too many steps, had to seal the paint once dry, the paint smelled so bad it gave me a headache, or the end product had a, "gritty" feel to it.  Frenchic checked off all of the boxes for me.

1. It has very little preparation prior to painting.
2. Frenchic bonds wonderfully to surfaces providing maximum durability.
3. Drying time is quick so my projects are done in much less time.
4. You clean your piece, paint, and you're done. Lazy Range and Al Fresco Range both have built in sealers.
5. Rub your hand over your finished piece and you'll be astonished at how smooth it feels.  Your projects are hand painted with a factory finish.
6. Frenchic has low VOC and is safe for children's toys. You can even paint indoors with no smell of harsh chemicals

Original Range:  If you're wanting to blend colors or wet distress, this is the category for you. You will need to seal it with one of Frenchics' waxes or use the finishing coat.

Lazy Range:  When you want to paint and go, this is the category to use.  It contains a built in sealer providing years of durability.

Al Fresco Range:  This category can be used indoor or outdoor but was specifically formulated for long wear and tear when placed outside.  You can go for years without touching up or repainting.

I wanted to bring this fantastic line of paint to you so you can have the same success with painting as I have had.