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Class Schedule

Unless stated in the description, all classes will be held in Relic's Antique Mall TEA ROOM located in the center of the mall.  2015 Battlefield Rd, Springfield, MO.  

Friday September 25

10:30 - 12:30    Furniture Painting for Beginners

Learn the steps to achieve a beautiful look using chalk paint.  We'll discuss types of paint and sealer to use with your project along with the art of applying TRANSFERS.  Learn to add a touch of elegance and sophistication with moulds and paper clay.  (Participants will be provided with class supplies.)  Fee 45.00


1:30-3:30  Take it to the Next Level

Move from the basics and add distinct finishes to your furniture pieces.  Learn a variety of finishes you can use to make your work stand out.  This hands-on class provides you the opportunity to learn and practice techniques making each piece unique.  You'll learn the art of distressing, aging with wax, applying a glaze and adding sparkle and shine with gilding jewels.  (Participants will be provided class supplies.) Fee 45.00


4:00-5:30 Flipping for a Profit

Let Gloria lead you through the process of flipping furniture for profit.  Learn when to spend and when to save while investing and turning out high quality product.  Discuss colors, trends and what's selling in today's market.  Where do I find things to flip, how much do I invest and how do I sell them once complete.  These questions and more will be answered in this class. (This is a class discussion.)  Fee: 30.00




Saturday September 26 

10:30 - 5:00  Furniture Painting Workshop

By popular demand, Baker's Mercantile and Relic's Antique Mall have partnered to provide folks interested in learning the art of furniture painting to have a full day of instruction and guidance with Springfield's Premier Stockist, Gloria Baker.  As long as you can get the piece from your car, to our classroom on a two wheel dolly and back again, you can paint it.  Look around your home for a coffee table, end table, dresser, hall table, rocking chair, etc. that needs a new look and you've found your piece.  Prior to registration, browse Baker's Mercantile for that perfect shade of color you wish to use and receive it free with your paid reservation. 750 ml can of paint (38.00 - 44.00 retail.) Fee: 125.00

Workshop Supply List (Bring to Class)
  • Furniture Piece
  • Drop Cloth
  • Paint Brush
  • Sand Paper 220 grit
  • Wear Old Clothes
  • Sack Lunch/ Or may leave  class and pick up something local.  The Tea Room is currently closed.  Bottled water will be provided.
Optional:  Old blanket or cloth to cover your piece when transporting to and from Relic's Antique Mall.


Feel free to email Gloria with things you want to learn as well as days good for you to attend.  She'll will adapt the schedule as needed.