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IOD otherwise know as Iron Orchid Designs was started by two very artistic sisters, Josie and Sally in 2016.  They brainstormed and dreamed up the inspiration for IOD's products from a belief that being creative is part of everyone's core.  Their desire is to inspire, encourage and empower people to dig deep and challenge themselves and push the boundaries of what is possible with a little imagination.  Booth women are devote in their faith, have large families and are driven by both artistic and business passions. They work hard to keep their spiritual life, family time and business goals all balanced and prioritized.  

Why did I select their brand?

1. I've also worked full time, was involved with my church, owned my own company and raised three children while doing so.  It isn't easy and I admire those who although are driven, assign priorities to things they find important and strive to keep the proper balance.

2.  I love to paint furniture and make them unique with designs.  I can't hand paint!  I try, but don't have that gift.  IOD transfers, molds and stamps provide me with high quality tool I can use to let my imagination run wild.  Each project I undertake is original.  No two pieces are alike and the end products look far beyond what I thought I could achieve.  They make me feel like an artist and through their talents can express myself artistically using their high quality products.

Furniture Transfers: Place a transfer on any painted or porous surface, rub and you're done.  The ink transfers to your piece with little effort and looks like a million bucks.  You can use them as designed or cut them up and apply them according to your vision.  

Molds:  Use IOD paper clay in one of their molds, pop them out and glue them on a wide variety of objects including furniture.  Bend them, mold them and place them wherever you want.  Mold provide you the opportunity to change a plain dresser into a high quality piece with architectural design and style. 

Stamps:  I've been a paper crafter for years and have used stamps on a multitude of projects but never thought about furniture.  Their high quality stamps will provide years of enjoyment and are large enough to place designs on table tops, drawers, tables, chairs, etc.  Their uses are only limited by your imagination.

If you're like me and you enjoy painting furniture, try IOD tools to take your work to the next level.  You'll be glad you did.